Saturday, 12 September 2015


On Sunday 30th August, the anticipation began, with the lead up to the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival just around the corner WA based creatives have emerged more prepared than ever. The City of Perth joined forces with the TPFF for the first time to host The Sunday Best Market at WA Museums Hackett Hall in Northbridge which showcases over thirty WA based creatives in local independent fashion and design – and of course Shop Joey was there to reveal their new collections!

Our founder Jess was excited to show off her three new collections of boutique jewellery at the event with eager jewel-hunters thrilled to see the familiar typeface of the Shop Joey logo.

We wanted our stall to look on fleek for all our Perth babes so that’s why we got GraceRobinson Diary of a fashion photographer who has also photographed Shop Joey previously, to come along and give us some creative inspo and style tips to make our area pop! Angeline Lloyd of Lovethread also stopped by to lend a hand and to support Shop Joey’s growth.

Grace proposed the idea of a very fresh look, using a natural palette and stunning red roses to encapsulate the beauty of the new collections. Our floral arrangements were chosen by Kerry from Chandelabra, who helped us pick out the freshest flowers in Perth giving our display a dreamy final touch.

Thank you to the City of Perth and TPFF forgiving us the opportunity to showcase our jewellery collections and ourselves alongside some wonderful WA talent. 

If you have any photos you would like to share from the day please do, just hashtag #shopjoey and #sundaybest – we will be sure to check em out!

Laura, SJ

Photography by Grace Robinson

Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Meet our latest Joey Girl Camille, the Australian Filipino sweetheart winning over the fashion blogosphere with her ultra feminine style and down to earth personality. 

Known by her follower for her seriously cute outfits and keen eye for capturing life in colour, Camille represents real girls living in the fashion world. A place where what's trending isn't as important as staying true to yourself, and letting your style evolve organically. 

We got to catch up with Camille just before her Australian Fashion Week debut.

Hi Camille! We're so excited to have you as our latest brand ambassador. You've been on a pretty incredible journey since you started blogging 5 years ago, how did it all started?
My boyfriend took up portrait photography as a hobby and was using me as his subject to practice. I used to be a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl and my boyfriend wanted to practice more creative photos using movement and lighting which is difficult when wearing Dickies tees and a pair of flared Lee denims on a daily basis. In order to practice the shot he wanted to achieve, he became in most part, my stylist and encouraged me to get out of my comfort zone and find my style. He took me shopping, eventually helping me find a part of myself in the process as well as an outlet to express some creativity. My friends had personal blogs at the time and inspired me to start my own blog. As I started blogging, the requests of posting more fashion and style related posts started flowing and FrillySkirts was born. I never knew I had a passion for fashion and blogging without the encouragement from my boyfriend and friends. They helped me find a creative outlet and find myself and what makes me happy.

We adore the way you style all your outfits, can you describe your style?
My personal style is very dainty, feminine and classical. I always use what I have dubbed my "five year rule" where I would look at what I'm wearing and ask if in five years' time, would I still wear it and if in five years' time I had kids that were opinionated, what would they allow me to wear it.

Of all the outfits you've styled, which is your favourite fashion moment to date? 
Discovering my love of frilly skirts. My blog name came about when a friend noticed that I wore lots of frilly skirts and nicknamed me "frillyskirts" and it stuck. It's been my go-to item and my fail-safe option.

If you could switch wardrobes with someone for the day who would it be and why? It's so difficult to just choose one person as there are so many people out there I gather inspiration from however if I had the option of switching wardrobes with, it would definitely be Diane Kruger. She is the epitome of classical beauty with a wardrobe that will cater to the "one day I'll wear that dress" moments and a great collection of casual and chic tops, bottoms and dresses that you can mix, match and layer with. I love how her looks are effortless and isn't afraid of dressing up as well as down.

What's your favourite type of jewellery?
Midi Rings! I'm a huge fan of stacking rings together with midi rings in all colours. It helps take away from my skinny, alien-looking fingers and have them appear more dainty and feminine.

Wearing Leaf Ear Cuff, Twisted Arrow Ring, Camilla Midi Ring

What's your top 5 must have items for Autumn/Winter 2015? 
This is a tough one but this has been my rule for Autumn/Winter for the past 2 years and it's been working for me so here it goes:

  1. Wine lip colour. I love the colour of wine lips and after wearing so much nude and bright pink shades through Spring/Summer, it's a good change.
  2. Prints. I like wearing floral and geometric prints during Autumn/Winter months and I love pairing them with plain and textured items.
  3. Textures. I love textured items of clothing, whether it be a fluffy knit, leather or lace, I try to incorporate textures in my looks. I also love challenging myself and mixing the textures with printed items of clothing.
  4.  Light Colours. I know, it's usually something people wear during the warmer months but during Autumn/Winter months, I tend to stay away from wearing black by wearing light denim and pastel colours.
  5. A pair of good boots. I always get excited for wet and cool weather because your boots can come out to play. 

     Thanks so much Camille for chatting with us. We're so happy to have you on board and can't wait to see how you style our pieces. 

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Sunday, 8 February 2015


When the time came to launch Shop Joey this summer, we didn't think twice about enlisting the help of our good friend and fashion insider, Angeline from Love Thread blog

Since starting Love Thread in 2011, Angeline has fast become a fashion icon in the West, dominating the scene with her bold & feminine style. Angeline further cemented her status as one of Perth's hottest fashion contributors with her most recent nomination for the 2015 WA Fashion Award for Best Blogger.

From her charming personality, to her incredible sense of style, Angeline embodies the Joey spirit, exuding confidence and spreading love & kindness wherever she goes.

We got to catch up with Angeline to talk fashion and social change. 

Hi Angeline! can you tell us about the story behind Love Thread?
Love Thread originally started as a university project for my Mass Communications degree. Years went by and I didn't think much of it until my friends urged me to pursue it. I’m so grateful that they did! I'm so blessed to have a super awesome, talented and supportive group of friends. Although I don’t see myself as a writer or anything creative, they must have saw something in me. A year on and I've collaborated with the coolest brands and companies around! I can't thank my friends enough!

Through my blog I’m able to live my dream of working in the fashion and media industry. It also serve as a stepping stone of my childhood dream of running my own orphanage or foundation to share love, help and give hope to the destitute in developing countries. Last year I started a side project (@lovethreadproject) which supports non-profit organisations focused on helping children, youth and women at risk. @lovethreadproject aims to support the charities through events, garage sales and all profits from Love Thread blog. My first project was with The Esther Foundation, we raised awareness and much needed funds for young women at risk in my hometown Perth.

How do you like to incorporate jewellery into your daily looks?
My style is quite eclectic, I love to dress up and put together things that may not seem to work. I’m a big fan of mix and matching different kind of accessories, to me the more the merrier. Huge fan of midi rings, statement necklaces, and lots of arm candy. But for a simple day to day look, I always opt for a necklace, it’s a great way to give any outfit a little bit of edge.

What are your style predictions for the upcoming season?

I think the sixties are making a comeback next season, from the baby doll style dresses to arty, psychedelic, vintage prints. Boyfriend style is going to be huge too, which mean anything boyfriend-borrowed ensembles. From slouchy boyfriend jeans, shirts to suits.

Congratulations! @lovethreadproject launched last year and was a massive success. Do you have any upcoming projects? 
We’re going bigger this year. Our next venture for @lovethreadproject is with Flux Lifeground,  a non-profit organisation based in Bali, Indonesia,  aiming to restore hope and dreams for youth through creativity. Together with friends and volunteers from around the world, Flux created and bring a creative haven to Balinese kids through art, music, food and media workshops. They also bring their talents to remote villages in Indonesia to bring joy and hope to kids (some have never even seen a foreigner before!) through creative workshops. They’re doing incredible work and I’m excited for Love Thread to partner with them this year. Our aim is to raise awareness of the program and inspire our creative Perth/Australian friends to roll up their sleeves and help out by either by running a workshop or sharing about their artistic endeavours. To find out more about Flux Lifegrounds visit

Thank you so much for sharing with Shop Joey. We had an absolute blast working with you and can't wait to see where 2015 takes you!

Be sure to check out for Angeline's take on what's trending. 

SJ x

Thursday, 8 January 2015


W E L C O M E  T O  S H O P J O E Y

Shop Joey was created out of a love for jewellery and a dream to create a brand dedicated to helping girls redefine their look through the finer details.  
All of our jewellery have been specially handpicked by our team of avid jewellery curators who are so passionate about finding gorgeous on trend jewellery to compliment your style. 

We are so excited to share with you our very first collection in collaboration with the beautiful Angeline from Love Thread blog.  This collection was inspired by the modern girl who always looks effortlessly chic without compromising her unique sense of style.
We hope you enjoy your experience at Shop Joey and can't wait to see you next time! 

SJ x